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Condensate Drainage

The generation of compressed air is always connected with the formation of condensate. In most cases, this condensate contains oil, is contaminated with dirt particles and spreads out in the entire compressed-air system. A system problem which can result in damage and additional costs. 

The BEKOMAT drains condensate in the compressed-air system in an electronically level-controlled manner. More than 3,000,000 installations worldwide make it the industrial standard for reliable and cost-effective condensate drainage. The comprehensive product portfolio offers the optimum device for every compressor type and performance, for every system pressure, and for all operating conditions.

BEKOMAT Standard

Unnecessary costs and damage during the generation of compressed air can only be avoided in an efficient way with amount-adjusted condensate drainage. Therefore, BEKOMAT condensate drains operate with a capacitive sensor. The intelligent electronics prevent compressed-air losses and minimise the energy demand. As a result, the BEKOMAT often pays itself off within half a year already, in contrast to devices with timed drain valves.

Innovative with Service Unit

The devices of this new generation are made up of only two modules: a service unit comprising the corrosion-resistant aluminium housing together with all maintenance-relevant components, and an electronic control and sensor unit which is installed only once. Both modules are coupled via a practical snap connection. This design makes it possible to replace all parts subject to wear or requiring maintenance in one go: the old service unit is simply and quickly removed and a new, works-tested unit is fitted instead. The separation and connection of the two modules requires no tools - it's all done in next to no time.

High pressure drains

PN Series high pressure drains for a range of applications with hard coated drain bodies and pressure ratings up to 915 psig:

12 CO PN 63 / 13 CO PN 50 / 14 CO PN 25

Full stainless steel bodies with the ability to handle large volume flows and pressure ratings up to 915 psig:

3 E 25 / 3 E 63 / 6 E 25

True zero air loss drains for multi-stage compressors

CV Series for use on all stages of centrifugal compressors include a specially designed control board and check-valve:

13 CV / 14 CV / 16 CO CV

NLV series employ a no-load valve for drainage under ambient conditions along the various stages of a multi-stage machine:


BEKOMAT Special devices

If the condensate from the intercoolers is not reliably drained in multistage compressors, it will reach the next compressor stage. BEKOMAT LA/LP prevents damage through "drop attacks", condensate build­up and water hammers.

Vacuum: Especially employable for condensate drainage in vacuum or pressureless systems at operating pressures from 0.1 to 1.8 bar (abs.).

Hazardous areas: Special units are also available for the application in hazardous areas (II 2G EEX ib IIB T4 / explosion class II B, temperature class T4) where ignition sources need to be prevented. Permissible fluids are ethane, methane, town gas, diesel fuel, ethylene, propane, fuel oil and compressor oil.

Stainless-steel versions: For the drainage of particularly aggressive condensates.