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The oil contaminated condensate flows under pressure into the newly designed pressure relief chamber. 1 Here, the pressure is released without creating turbulence downstream 2 of the condensate inlet. The oil contaminated condensate flows into the high volume pre-filter 3, which is characterized by its ideal flow pattern from the inside to the outside. Here the remaining oil droplets are bound to the pre-filter. It also deals with any residual floating oil in the upper chamber.

As the pre-treated condensate enters the main cartridge the remaining oil is adsorbed and locked into our advanced filter material where it cannot escape 4.

The condensate is now fully treated and flows around the lower chamber wall toward the clean water outlet 5.

The final result is purified water suitable for discharge directly into the sewer system 6. Thanks to the cartridge technology, filter replacement is both quick and clean; and all without the use of activated carbon.