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Heatless desiccant dryers

The operation of compressed air systems with conventional adsorption dryers can suffer from high, system-related pressure drop. This deficiency needs to be compensated via an increase in compressor performance, thus requiring a higher energy input.

DRYPOINT® XC and DRYPOINT® ACC heatless desiccant dryers offer a convincing, economic solution to the problem: BEKOTECHNOLOGIES has developed an adsorption dryer design that is focused completely on reducing energy consumption. By significantly reducing pressure drops and using the most energy efficient components possible, energy savings of up to 80% can be realized when compared to conventional designs. The energy savings alone offer a complete economic payback after an average of only three years.

With all new energy saving controller systems

XCe the economic dryer with basic controller

  • Compressor sync
  • Maintenance alarm
  • Status LED

XCp the premium dryer with BEKOTOUCH PLC

  • Compressor sync
  • Air humidity demand system
  • Operating hours
  • Alarm outputs
  • Adjustable cycle modes
  • Expandable input / output
  • Ethernet connection