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Consider pressure dew-point, air flow, current, leakage - they all relate to each other, and each parameter when left unchecked can cost thousands of dollars per year in wasted energy. Now consider, measuring all of these parameters and more with one convenient, easy-to-use instrument.

For this reason, we have developed the METPOINT® PRO series, this all-purpose handheld measuring device that gives you the opportunity and flexibility to accomplish measurements in many applications and industries.   

The METPOINT® PRO can be setup to be used with multiple different types of sensor, such as pressure sensors, flow sensors, dew point sensor and optional third-party sensor with the following signals: 0.. 1/10v, 0/4…20ma, Pt 100, Pt, 100, pulse and Modbus 

The 3.5” graphic display is user friendly via a touch screen. All measurements are available at a glance as well as graphically. Once unique feature of the new METPOINT® PRO is the screenshot feature. This allows you to save a picture of the screen and download via the integrated USB interface. 

Every detail has been carefully thought out and considered to guarantee the maximum return on investment in the shortest amount of time possible.