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Play it safe as far as oil-water separation is concerned.

The regular maintenance of a BEKOSPLIT® or ÖWAMAT® does not only ensure their proper functioning. The processing and disposal of compressed-air condensates and emulsions according to good professional practice is also required by the building authorities (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik). Decide in favour of the safe solution: the professional services of BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.

Professional service on which you can rely.

As a specialist company, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GMBH is authorised in accordance with Article 19 of the Water Ecology Act to carry out services on oil-water separation and emulsion-splitting plants.

As a specialist for top-grade compressed-air processing and condensate management, we are very familiar with your operating requirements and the legal stipulations. Our competent staff members carry out on-site maintenance once per annum. In this way, you will save unnecessary downtimes and working hours of your valuable employees. Our specially equipped vehicles also reduce time and effort and therefore unnecessary costs.

In addition, our specialists establish the maintenance report which is important for you. This report provides information on the implemented functional checks and confirms the completeness and plausibility of the records in your operating log.

Cleaning - one hundred per cent according to the rules - and guaranteed compliance with the legally required maintenance intervals: two good reasons to call the technical service of BEKO TECHNOLOGIES for cleaning and maintenance.

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