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Learning anywhere in the world, not restricted by time and, simultaneously, dealing with the resources of the company and employees in an efficient and target-orientated manner: that is eLearning at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES. We provide knowledge online via an access portal, so that every registered participant has access to it at any time via the Internet.

What you always wanted to know about compressed air:

Basics of compressed-air technology - but different

Interactivity is a very central keyword here. The course sees the industrial sector from the end user's view. Via the requirements of customer-specific applications, the access to the generation and processing of compressed air is then revealed. As we see it, an approach which is new, and which gives special emphasis to the customer's interests, opening the mind for the compressed-air system as a whole.

We present the basic knowledge about compressed air by giving examples from the industry and give you the chance to try out the influence of components on the output of the system.

In this manner, the necessary physical basics are explained by means of practice-relevant examples. This method guarantees, right from the start, closeness to customers and a benefit-orientated analysis during the transfer of knowledge.

The advantages of e-Learning at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES at a glance:

  • all over the world
  • not restricted by time
  • efficient and target-orientated
  • based on practical examples
  • interactive and modular structure

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