A New Year Letter from BEKO Technologies

As the calendar page has turned to 2021, and we usher in a new year amidst a world of change, we would like to take a moment to sincerely thank you for your cooperation and support in 2020, to say, Happy New Year, and wish you the very best for 2021 and beyond.
Furthermore, we are writing to inform you of the positive changes taking place around us and how they relate to BEKO Technologies, and your business partnership with us.  Throughout 2020, we witnessed merger and acquisition deals getting done across sectors ranging from expansion to consolidation to pure desperation and at a pace that seemed to have picked up as the year wore on.  It was no different for the compressed air and gas industry either.  With that, please know that one of our most important goals within the corporate management of The BEKO Group is that the company should remain a family owned business, so that the company’s history and traditions are maintained in a present-day context now and into the future.  In doing so, BEKO Technologies is your reliable business partner and a mainstay of your operations with values and beliefs that are relatable and identifiable to you and your organization throughout our entire business model.
We place great emphasis on our desire to be a strong and reliable partner for all, to committing ourselves socially in the form of time, resources, and charitable donations in every country in which we are present, and in creating a work environment and engaging in business activities that allow our employees and business to thrive and develop in the most efficient and sustainable manner possible.  With frontrunning technology, unparalleled quality, and through the engine that drives our success – our employees – we ensure long-term independence, success, and healthy growth that is shared together amongst all our partners.
This new year also brings us to a new generation of leadership in the Group, where Mr. Yannick Koch, son of the founder, the late Berthold Koch, has assumed his new role in the company as CEO together with Mr. Norbert Strack, who has been with the Group since 2016.  On December 31, 2020, it came time for Mr. Manfred Lehner to retire from the company.  Mr. Lehner was co-CEO of The BEKO Group from 2007-2020 and it is a bittersweet end to his brilliant 29-year career, where his retirement is certainly well deserved, but he will most definitely be missed.
If 2020 is a year that most would like to forget, then let us make 2021 a year to remember – together.  Our teams stand ready to support you and will continue to deliver the highest level of service to which you are accustomed, and as we all reset, know that we have established our newest subsidiary in Mexico to better serve our customers and our development teams are in full-swing preparing to roll-out a host of new products in 2021 that will only further enhance our industry leading product portfolio as well as our 2021 price book, which will be released later this year.  These are changes that we can all be excited about, even more so when we get to visit with you again in-person!  Please stay healthy, and we look forward to continuing to serve your needs and our mutual growth and success.