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Desiccant Drying with DRYPOINT® X

The DRYPOINT® X series of desiccant air dryers was introduced to the market with purpose; to offer a convincing, economic solution to long standing problem: energy consumption. Therefore, with a ground-up design, we engineered a line of desiccant dryers that are focused entirely on reducing energy consumption. By significantly reducing air loss and using the most energy efficient components possible in combination with in-house controller programming, energy savings of up to 80% can be realized when compared to conventional designs. The energy savings alone offer a complete economic payback after just a short period of time, and provide users a true, integrated system solution.

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Community Involvement

Donate to Soccer in the Streets, which is one of our favorite community outreach programs.  Soccer in the Streets empowers underserved youth through soccer, character development, mentoring, and employability programs.

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Truth in Compressed Air

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES develops, manufactures and sells components and systems for an optimized compressed air quality.

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