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Efficiency in a minimum of space: DRYPOINT M PLUS

With the integration of compressed-air filter and membrane dryer in one housing, the DRYPOINT M PLUS offers highest safety and flexibility to the operator. Due to its compact size, it is suitable for employment in a wide range of space situations. 

Drying of the compressed air is implemented in accordance with the physical principle of diffusion through a semi-permeable membrane. This is particularly efficient and energy-saving thanks to the TWIST 60 technology from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES. The special winding of the fibres in the membrane element leads to optimum flow around the membrane fibres at a lower construction height and reduces the purge air demand. 

All modules of the DRYPOINT M PLUS are very easy to maintain, they operate almost silently and do not require electric energy. 

The DRYPOINT® M PLUS advantages at a glance:


  • All-in-one: filtration and drying in one housing    
  • Optimum filtration directly upstream of the membrane         
  • Twist-60 technology for highest efficiency        
  • Easy replacement of the filter elements, low maintenance requirements 
  • Integrated drain