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Compressed air gains in safety: oil-free through monitoring

The analysis and control of the compressed-air quality are of decisive importance for the product, in particular in sensitive production processes of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in food production and in surface technology. 

METPOINT® OCV  continuously monitors the residual oil content of the flowing compressed air. Analyses down to a range of thousandth mg/m3 residual oil content can be continuously monitored online and during running operation. Samplings and time-consuming laboratory analyses are no longer required. The system is network-compatible, has a touchscreen display and offers continuous process safety. The acquisition costs of a METPOINT® OCV system are insignificant compared with the consequential costs of a production stop.

The METPOINT® OCV advantages at a glance:

  • Permanent online measurement
  • TÜV-certified measuring method
  • Network-compatible: state-of-the-art IT connection
  • Touchscreen display