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Drying according to the efficiency principle

In the DRYPOINT® RA,  compressed air drying takes place via an optimum heat exchange through a counter-flow process over the cooling surface; the air flows constantly in a downward movement without turbulence.

This generously dimensioned counter-flow heat exchanger, which includes an air/air and an air/refrigerant heat exchanger, cools the compressed air down to a temperature of +3°C. The size of the heat exchanger not only supports a particularly effective cooling, but also reduces the flow resistance to an absolute minimum.

Condensate drainage and drying centrally controlled
For the DRYPOINT® RA, the condensate drainage was integrated in the device concept: the refrigeration dryers are equipped with a BEKOMAT® as standard.

Patented, Vario Flow hot gas by-pass valve that is independent from the electronic control board maintains constant pressure guaranteeing a stable dew point without freeze ups, and no adjustments are necessary.

Best drying through highly efficient heat exchanger combination

Very high profitability, lowest energy consumption

Lowest pressure loss, even at varying loads

BEKOMAT® inside

Perfect cost-performance ratio