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Exact monitoring and optimization of measured values

Precisely measured values are imperative to modern manufacturing technology and facilities, as undesired fluctuations in the process will occur time and again without them.

AIRAUDIT® from BEKO Technologies

As a worldwide technology leader in the compressed air market, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive service to our customers known as BEKO AIRAUDIT®. Whether you are constructing a new plant, replacing, upgrading, or extending an existing system, or just need assistance with a routine service, we can certainly help. The focus being a customized service leading to a system or solution tailored to your specific needs and based on actual real-world data.

For monitoring and optimization, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offers all the necessary measurement technology products in addition to the corresponding services required. The following values can be recorded on-site by our technical service staff at the compressed air station and throughout the distribution system:

  • Volume flow measurement
  • Pressure dew point measurement
  • Oil-vapor measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Power consumption measurement
  • Leak detection

To find out more about this comprehensive service we offer our customers, please download the corresponding fact sheet.  This short document will provide you an overview of why auditing your compressed air or gas system is so important and will demonstrate how our expertise in the compressed air and gas industry can be of value to you through our exclusive AIRAUDIT® process.

With the measured values in-hand, you will be able to meet the requirements of any quality assurance directives or initiatives.  In addition, the data may also be used to optimize the compressed air station.  There is enormous potential for optimization in almost every compressed air installation that can translate to huge savings with a quick ROI.  For example, leakage rates of 30% or more are no rarity in practice.  Therefore, a simple, professional leak detection will pay for itself usually within a matter of months, if not sooner in some cases. 

Our technical service team will be happy to provide you with detailed information should you have any questions regarding this subject.  Please contact us today.