Training | Compressed Air Basics e-Learning Course

Learn for FREE anywhere in the world at your own pace with our exclusive and effective Compressed Air Basics e-learning platform.  Our course is filled with interactive content with clearly defined targets for completion using real world examples in a gamified manner.  Course sections can be divided into individual learning components by topic and is compatible with any device and common browser.  Total course time is approximately 8-hours.

Course Overview

Course Sections:

  • Compressed air - the motor of industry
  • The air compressor
  • The basics of filtration
  • Air humidty
  • Drying in compressed air systems
  • Condensate drainage
  • Condensate treatement
  • Prevention of energy loss

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Technical Service Training

For those who always have a question unanswered.  Content oriented and scheduled as either a one or two day session, participants with different levels of experience come together to learn solutions in compressed air treatment to match the customer's application and needs.

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EPA 608 Certification

The EPA requires that all technicians working on refrigerant circuits must have EPA 608 certification. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES is pleased to inform you that we now offer a two day, EPA 608 certification class that is available to all our customers.

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The many uses of compressed air require precise knowledge of the processes involved in order to achieve an optimal effect.  However, "optimal" is only meaningful once the "for what" is understood.  We offer expert advice, an extensive product line, help to optimize your compressed air system . . .

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