Compressed Air System Condensate Technology

Because the humidity of the ambient air is contained in the intake air, condensate always accumulates during the compression process in the air compressor.  The contamination contained in the ambient air, such as dust and dirt particles or aerosols, also accumulate in the condensate in highly concentrated form.  Condensate continues to accumulate yet again during subsequent compressed air treatment processes like filtration and drying.  Our condensate technology enables this polluted and environmentally harmful waste product to be discharged, treated, and disposed of properly as condensate must not be introduced into the sewer system.

BEKOMAT® Zero Air Loss Condensate Drains

Condensate is a by-product of the air compression process and can be aggressive, pollutant-loaded, and/or contain oil. It exists in every compressed air application and is something that must be continuously managed. Condensate drains remove the liquids and are an often overlooked component of the compressed air chain, yet when left unchecked can cause poor part quality, machine damage, and even bodily injury to employees. Drainage points are also one of the system areas where energy waste is highest.  BEKOMAT® zero air loss drains are the perfect solution providing users maximum energy savings and reliability.


QWIK-PURE®CS Oil-water Separators

The disposal of air compressor lubricant carryover in condensate is a concern, as is the variety of regulations across the country.  Installation of an oil-water separator is simple. The oily condensate from each drain valve is individually piped to a depressurization chamber to reduce pressure to atmospheric. The clean water is then piped into an waste water drain. The separated oil is contained within the cartridge and/or held in a collection vessel for proper disposal.  


BEKOSPLIT® Emulsion Splitting Systems

BEKOSPLIT® units are capable of separating stable emulsions and provide the most reliable, robust, and economical treatment for these types of problematic condensates.  In which case, our emulsion processing systems make easy work of oil-contaminated industrial wastewater with minimal maintenance and extremely low operating costs.


Applications of Interest

Compressed air production in a corrugated cardboard factory

This industrial sector is more than a cardboard facade: more than 100 factories with approximately 19,000 employees specialize in this field, producing and processing corrugated cardboard in Germany. Compressed air and its processing plays a central role in the production process. In particular, moisture in compressed air would have serious consequences for plants, raw materials and final products.

Surface cleaning at HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co.

Blowing of high-performance electronics via pulsating rotary jets, and tracing of plastic housings with cleaning plasma jets: At the German automotive supplier Hella, compressed air takes over the central tasks in the surface cleaning of safety-relevant components. The most important requirement in this respect: the reliable, complete absence of oil.

Compressed air preparation on hybrid locomotives

A trendy concept in automobile engineering, and an already proven technology on rails: the hybrid drive. The combination of a diesel generator and a battery on state-of-the-art locomotives leads to fuel savings of up to 50%. What is always on board is a complex "mobile" compressed-air processing system for the operation of the hydraulic brakes.

Oil and germ free for medicine

For the production of medications, the strictest hygienic standards apply to the production conditions. This of course also applies to the required compressed air. It must be absolutely free from oil in order not to contaminate the sensitive products. In its factory in Singen, Germany, drug manufacturer Nycomed relies on a comprehensive system solution provided by BEKO to treat the process air in a reliably oil-free manner.