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Compressed Air and Compressed Gas Technology

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES develops, manufactures, and sells components and systems worldwide delivering optimized compressed air quality across an array of applications. With an industry-leading product portfolio, the company stands for compressed air and gas technology at its very best.  For more than three decades, our company has developed, manufactured and sold high-quality, reliable, and efficient components and systems for compressed air treatment, processing, and condensate handling and treatment.  We offer a complete program and suite of solutions that not only safeguard the stringent quality requirements of our customers’ production processes, but also achieve greater energy efficiency and, in turn, cost savings and added value. Expert advice and highly qualified service are a hallmark of this independent and family-owned company.

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Product Portfolio

Water Separation

In-line water separators are typically used at after coolers and refrigeration dryers in order to remove bulk liquid that is present in the compressed air pipework as a result of condensate being formed. All compressed air systems create some level . . .

Non-cycling Refrigerant Air Dryers

Refrigerant air dryers are commonly found in the majority of general industrial plant air applications. They offer users the best price-to-performance ratio in comparison to the compressed air quality produced. While the treated air may not . . .

Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers

Regenerative desiccant dryers are frequently found in industrial applications around the world. These dryers use a desiccant material, which adsorbs the water vapor in the air stream. Heatless desiccant dryers utilize a small amount . . .

Membrane Air Dryers

Membrane air dryers are a type of dryer that use permeable fiber technology and the process of de-humidification to dry compressed air streams to the required dew point of an application. The Compressed Air and Gas Institute advises us . . .

Zero Air Loss Drains

Condensate is a by-product of the air compression process and can be aggressive, pollutant-loaded, and/or contain oil. It exists in every compressed air application and is something that must be continuously managed . . .

Oil-water Separators

The disposal of air compressor lubricant carryover in condensate is a concern, as is the variety of regulations across the country.  Installation of an oil-water separator is simple. The oily condensate from each drain valve is individually piped to a . . .

Instrumentation and Monitoring

The precise measurement of humidity, hydrocarbons, flow, temperature, and pressure provide the foundation for various analyses, documentation, and decisions as they relate to compressed air systems. Potential overload . . .

Oil-free Compressed Air

Hydrocarbons are present in every compressed air stream even if you use oil-free compression due to the re-entry of hydrocarbons from the ambient air. Additionally, oil-free compressors are costly and not without potential failures . . .

Energy Saving Refrigerant Air Dryers

The outlet air from refrigerant dryers is more than acceptable for the majority of application. Specifically with the Eco Series dryers, users are provided with maximum energy savings from the cycling and variable speed technologies used . . .

Heated Desiccant Air Dryers

Heated regenerative type desiccant dryers utilize an external heater to regenerate the desiccant in one tower while the other tower dries the compressed air to a very low dew point. The XFi models use patented technology to . . .


During compressed air generation and distribution, contaminants are introduced to the air stream at various stages of the compressed air network. Compressed air filters, which come in various grades, remove these contaminants . . .

Company Values

Truth in Compressed Air

Active, hands-on responsibility, truthfulness, and transparency is our mission – in all areas of our company and in every role, in dealings with our customers and partners, and toward society and the environment . . .

Corporate Vision

The values of our corporate management are characterized by respect, tolerance, solidarity, and modesty together with an embrace of the open and modern way of dealing with people.  Together with a strong corporate philosophy . . .

Quality Products

The market demands the highest quality, most reliable products possible at an affordable price point.  We have met this challenge head-on by implementing a high quality standard that is held by all of our employees, use of state-of-the-art components . . .


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