Benefit from our decades of experience and extensive knowledge in all areas of compressed air technology.  Whether you need in-depth technical service training, want to turn your sales team into a powerhouse machine, or just want to brush up on the basics, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has courses and tools to suit your needs, many of which are free-of-charge to you, which is just another way that BEKO TECHNOLOGIES adds value to your company. 


The BEKO TECHNOLOGIES training concept for compressed air technology is aimed at customers and employees alike and promotes the mutual exchange of knowledge, experience, and the associated learning process.  The prime objectives of our course offerings are to understand compressed air as a whole and subsequently be able to offer the most professional and trustworthy advice possible to the final end-user.  From the basics to advanced sales techniques, we have you covered with our extensive know-how and the major value we add to your organization is by offering these courses FREE to you with no obligation.



The tools used are only as good as the craftsperson who wields them.  However, we all need and appreciate those tools that make life just a little bit easier, which is why we offer a selection of useful tools to help you along the way whenever you need them.  We have assembled some handy coversion calculators, answers to commonly asked compressed air questions, tips and tricks, clarification on compressed air quality, and more.



Words are powerful and not everything read or heard is immediately apparent in its meaning, even when in context, especially with technical terms.  For anyone less familiar with the compressed air and gas industry, we've included a handy glossary of commonly used terms.  The glossary is searchable and indexed for a quick reference and clarification on whatever you are looking for.




BEKO TECHNOLOGIES delivers high-performance, compressed air and gas treatment technology that has been tried and tested worldwide.  From filtration and drying to condensate processing technology and instruments for quality monitoring . . .

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Service does not end with the provision of high-quality products and solutions.  We also offer comprehensive services, such as sensor calibration, on-site flow, pressure, and leak measurements, in-depth planning and sizing assistance, and commissioning . . .

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The many uses of compressed air require precise knowledge of the processes involved in order to achieve an optimal effect.  However, "optimal" is only meaningful once the "for what" is understood.  We offer expert advice, an extensive product line . . .

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