Service | Installation and Maintenance

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has been involved with designing systems for compressed air processing for decades and as a manufacturer of products and systems in the compressed air technology sector, we have a good idea of what it takes for a successful and professional installation and commissioning.  While we don't offer full-blown installation services ourselves, our service technicians can assist you on-site during the installation phase using their comprehensive knowledge to offer invaluable support during the installation work and provide valuable insight adding to the longevity of your equipment.  This, in turn, will lead to a smooth and successful start-up without any unexpected hang-ups or malfunctions, which is especially important we installing and commissioning custom engineered products.


A successful start with your BEKO TECHNOLOGIES products begins with professional installation and commissioning by our service technicians.  This is especially true for any custom engineered products.  In addition to a trouble-free integration into your compressed air system by having us on-site, this will help safeguard against increased costs due to unexpected operational downtime.  Coordinate your installation with us around your production planning to ensure a problem-free, fast and cost-effective installation.

In addition, we offer professional commissioning to start your machines up the right way and provide adjustments for the optimum operating parameters for maximum energy efficiency.  We can provide comprehensive function and integration testing, training of your employees for the functionality and operation of the plant and systems, and help you to create documentation specific to your situation and installation.  Our service team also participates in product development, which enables us to constantly improve our products - learning from practical experience in the field.  Reach out to our service team today.



Good preventative maintenance is paramount to realizing the true value of your BEKO TECHNOLOGIES product and good preventative maintenance starts with genuine parts and adherence to the correct maintenance schedule.  That is, in addition to, the correct identification of the proper maintenance or spare part, of course.  Our service team is well versed on all our product divisions including legacy products and are more than capable of maintaining any product in our portfolio for maximum lifespan.  Regular maintenance will save you costs from expensive repairs and unscheduled downtime and we are standing by to help you plan your service requirements and increase your economic efficiency and product quality.

If quality is the result of controlled processes, then measurement technology from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES provides the data basis for monitoring and evaluating those parameters of your compressed air that flow into those processes.  For users of our METPOINT® instrumentation line, calibration is the most critical component of a solid preventative maintenance regimen.  With our calibration services, which we recommend your instrumentation always be regularly calibrated, we will inspect, clean, and calibrate your measuring device in compliance with requirements from quality assurance guidelines for testing and calibration in accordance with the international quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001.  Your measured values thereby comply with the high demands set for the quality of your products.  The data collected during the calibration process is also of great use in further optimizing your compressed air station.


Your Advantages

Highly trained service personnel with manufacturer competence
Professional installation and maintenance support
Ability to collaborate and customize solutions specific to your needs
Maximum value and the extended lifespan of your products