The Complete Compressed Air Product Portfolio

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES delivers high-performance, compressed air and gas treatment technology that has been tried and tested worldwide.  From filtration and drying to condensate processing technology and instruments for quality monitoring and verification.  Whether you have a small compressed air station or a massive bespoke system with sophisticated process technology, we are the only supplier in the market that provides the complete product range of components throughout the entire processing chain.  We only develop and produce products that comply with our own stringent quality standards and that are perfectly coordinated to work in concert to provide that extra layer of reliability and increased efficiency not found anywhere else.

Compressed Air Filtration

The energy costs of a compressed air system are influenced considerably by the pressure drop caused during compressed air filtration. In order to maintain the required operating pressure, pressure drop must be compensated by a corresponding increase in output from the compressor. The consequence: increased energy consumption, premature compressor wear, and higher operating costs.  The best solution: CLEARPOINT® compressed air filtration from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.


Compressed Air Dryers

Compressed air containing humidity causes corrosion on compressed air driven tools and machines. This is especially important where contact is made with finished products of all kinds as moisture-induced contamination can cause diminished product quality or loss of entire batches.  This is a high risk with a high probability of occurring in the production process if not treated properly.  DRYPOINT® refrigerant, desiccant, and membrane compressed air dryers enable you to safeguard your operation in an economical manner that is suited specifically to your application.


Condensate Technology

Condensate accumulates throughout the entire compressed air processing chain and has a major impact on the quality and cost-effectiveness of compressed air. The environmentally friendly QWIK-PURE®ÖWAMAT®, and BEKOSPLIT®lines offer professional compressed air condensate processing as the follow-on product from the safe and efficient condensate discharge via the world-renowned, true zero air loss, electronically level-regulated BEKOMAT® drain.



The quality of your compressed air is mainly impaired by three contaminants; particles of various sizes and densities, residual water, and residual oil.  These factors then have a direct effect on finished products and safety for the consumer. METPOINT® measurement technology provides you with the instruments for sensing, monitoring, logging, and evaluating all parameters of your system within the framework of your quality and energy management systems.


Oil-free Compressed Air

The absence of hydrocarbons is paramount to a number of production and quality processes and products.  In addition to oil, germs and bacteria also pose a real threat as harmful contaminants.  What do you do once the intake air to your oil-free compressor is contaminated?  There's no need to try and control the environment, instead let the BEKOKAT® hydrocarbon removal system and CLEARPOINT® V activated carbon adsorber tower ensure the constant delivery of oil-free compressed air for you.




Service does not end with the provision of high-quality products and solutions.  We also offer comprehensive services, such as sensor calibration, on-site flow, pressure, and leak measurements, in-depth planning and sizing assistance, and commissioning . . .


The many uses of compressed air require precise knowledge of the processes involved in order to achieve an optimal effect.  However, "optimal" is only meaningful once the "for what" is understood.  We offer expert advice, an extensive product line . . .


Benefit from our extensive knowledge in all areas of compressed air technology and years of industry expertise.  We offer our customers several additional services, many of which are free-of-charge, that truly add value to our customers' organizations . . .