BEKO TECHNOLOGIES | About the Company

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES, CORP. (BEKO USA), the American subsidiary of BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GMBH that is headquartered in Neuss, Germany, maintains a 50,000 square foot production facility in Atlanta, Georgia, USA as part of the organization’s global operations.  This location is the American headquarters and is responsible for producing products and providing superior customer service for all of the Americas, and has been doing so since 1990. BEKO USA has a dedicated team of customer service representatives, a complete engineering staff, technical service and product management, and an advanced production department that gives BEKO USA the distinct capability to handle nearly every customer request from OEM needs to compressed air equipment distributors.

Truth in Compressed Air

As an independent developer and production company we ensure, and are responsible for, individual solutions that make our customers' production processes more energy efficient. Operational and occupational safety, environmental friendliness, and the contribution to humane working conditions represent a better, more holistic solution.

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES currently produces several different product lines at the plant in Atlanta; including exclusive DRYPOINT® M membrane air dryer technology, the 
DRYPOINT® X series of ultra-efficient, heatless and heated desiccant dryers, as well as the CLEARPOINT® filtration and separator line, and the QWIK-PURE® cartridge based oil-water separation system.  Other premium quality BEKO TECHNOLOGIES products that are available in the portfolio are the BEKOMAT® true zero air loss condensate drain, the complete line of DRYPOINT® RA refrigerant dryers, cutting edge instrumentation and monitoring devices from the METPOINT® line, and more. 

Reliable | Efficient | Innovative

We live from our family-oriented values and stand for humanity and mutual respect. This culture and our claim to integrity and quality also motivate us for the future, to be able to live as responsible as possible, to let our character, our personality and our values flow into our work every day. It is this conscious responsibility that makes us better.

This claim makes our products, systems and services even better.  BEKO TECHNOLOGIES is your reliable and competent partner, offering you efficient and future-proof solutions for compressed air preparation and treatment, which you need for the quality and safety of your production processes.

Optimum alignment and regular maintenance of the compressed air system is crucial for higher efficiency and includes enormous savings potentials - important levers and factors in competition. At the same time, a compressed air system tailored to your requirements provides you with maximum process reliability. Therefore, you should never compromise on the quality of your compressed air.


Vision and Values

All activities and actions from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES are shaped by our corporate vision. The headline "Truth in Compressed Air" describes, on the one hand, how we deal with customers, employees and the environment and, on the other hand, the six important strategic, targeted objectives. These include, for example, our technology leadership structure, our independence, our social commitment . . .



Everything started back then in 1982 in a small backyard garage in Düsseldorf. Berthold Koch developed the initial electronically level-regulated condensate drain off system, stating with a brilliant idea, many subsequent experiments and simple resources: the pioneering BEKOMAT®. This invention not only solved one of the biggest problems of compressed air processing . . .


Sustainability and Social Commitment

As a family business, we know what is possible when one is always there for the other, and that subsequent generations only have a chance for the future when we make that possible for them today.  As a company and as individuals, we are committed to society, to the environment, and also to the training and further education of our own talented successors . . .


Quality Management

The demand for high quality products in today´s market is realized by BEKO TECHNOLOGIES through a high standard of quality work practised by all employees, state of the art components, and intense quality controls covering everything from raw materials to the final finished product. We have a stated objective at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES of lasting quality leadership . . .