Launch of the METPOINT® OCV compact

Even more accurate measuring by utilising more frequent and reduced inspection intervals

METPOINT® OCV, which has been available on the market for eight years, and which has proved itself in numerous application field. “Our new compact version retains all the basic functions which were available in the METPOINT® OCV, although the new model now impresses even more with reduced measuring intervals as well as its modular structure. This makes the new device a compact, as well as simultaneously high-performance, alternative for companies which place increased importance on simple assembly and operating capabilities but, at the same time, expect the highest measuring accuracy for the residual oil content in the compressed air” said Dr. Axel Bier, Product Manager for METPOINT®Measuring Technology at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.

Highest possible measuring safety on today´s market

By utilising reduced measuring intervals, the METPOINT® OCV compact can now record any alterations in the compressed air process even quicker and recognise peaks when measuring better than previously. Measurements are executed every 0.4 seconds. The device computes a mean value after 20 measurements and indicates this on the display. This therefore means that the measured values will not be distorted by stripping – sometimes caused, for example, by slight irregularities in the compressed air. Increased reliability when measuring independently of the operating conditions is ensured by – just like the METPOINT® OCV – the patented reference gas generation via a catalytic converter. “Compared to other solutions available on the market, whereby the reference gas is generated by activated carbon, the catalytic converter ensures that the reference gas can be considered here as an absolutely oil-free, zero-air”, explained. “If the activated carbon adsorbers are not implemented correctly or configured exactly, or they are utilised for extended periods, then oil residual content can remain in the compressed air”.

Modular structure, reduced maintenance costs

Another new benefit with the METPOINT® OCV compact is its simple and more flexible handling: The measuring device can be simply adjusted via a regulator to set it to various working pressures in a pressure range between 3 and 16 bar. The modular structure implemented in the compact version simplifies assembly on site and also reduces subsequent maintenance costs, all the individual components can be easily and quickly exchanged by the BEKO TECHNOLOGIES Service Department. Furthermore, the METPOINT® OCV compact also displays the service and maintenance cycles so that the oil vapour measuring quality can be maintained at the highest possible level.

Controlling and operating are executed as menu-guided and intuitive, which therefore obviates time consuming familiarisation courses or special training. The measurement device indicates the operating status via red and/or green illuminating LEDs and the compliance with the ISO 8573 oil classes. Alarm contacts can be configured individually to be able to receive information about increasing residual oil vapour content immediately. This therefore ensures that corresponding measures can be implemented before any contamination can occur in the compressed air and thereby guarantee safety.

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